About Us

Working together for a healthier Willamette.


Our mission

At WRI, we envision a Willamette River system that is swimmable, fishable and a reliable source of water for Oregon’s growing human population, while providing ample habitat for a diverse array of native plants, fish and wildlife.

To that end, the Meyer Memorial Trust in 2008 made a 10-year funding commitment to support efforts to steer the Willamette River and its tributaries toward a cleaner, healthier future.

Our investments have restored habitat for federally protected salmon, helped combat invasive plants that threaten our region’s landscapes, funded scientific research to better understand our watershed and supported river stewardship groups in their efforts to better represent diverse Willamette Basin communities.

Our partners have made great strides for the river since our investment began 2008, placing us at a pivotal moment today. With continued effort, we can secure the achievements our partners have made while rising to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Learn how we’re working to build a secure future for the Willamette.

Our goals

The Willamette River Initiative is guided by four key goals for our river.

Juvenile salmon swim underwater.
Our history

Since Meyer Memorial Trust established the Willamette River Initiative in 2008, WRI has invested more than $18.5 million in our river.

WRI team members pose by the Willamette River.
Our team

Get acquainted with the dedicated staff behind the Willamette River Initiative.                     

Scientists share research while standing near a tributary of the Willamette River
Our grantees

We support dozens of people and organizations working regionally and at the local level to improve our river's health.