Our Goals

Our work is guided by four key goals.

Healthy river system

We seek a Willamette River system with healthy habitats that are able to adapt to changing conditions and long-term impacts.

To that end, we provide long-term funding support for projects that increase channel complexity in the river and its tributaries, improve floodplain function, increase floodplain forest and riparian plant cover, and improve fish and wildlife habitat.


We work with agencies, nonprofits, and other key Willamette River stakeholders to increase collaboration to improve watershed health.

In pursuit of this goal, we support efforts to improve alignment of priorities for Willamette River health and develop shared metrics for monitoring and evaluation of efforts for a healthier river.

Strong foundation

We aim to build a strong foundation for future long-term efforts to protect and restore the Willamette River and its tributaries.

We provide long-term capacity funding to increase our partners' organizational strength and we support efforts to increase shared knowledge, build a more integrated restoration community, maintain reliable data about the river, increase funding and ensure funding stability for river health efforts.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We strive to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within Willamette River restoration efforts.

To that end, we fund projects that aim to increase representation of diverse voices within the conservation field and ensure the benefits and impacts of river health are shared equitably.


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