Our Grantees

Our grantees are nonprofits, scientists, public agencies and environmental justice advocates. They include regional groups based in Portland and small nonprofits deep in the Willamette’s source tributaries.

Their work includes conducting on-the-ground restoration along the mainstem Willamette and tributaries upstream of Willamette Falls, tackling basin-wide river health challenges through research, policy, public engagement and outreach, and working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within river conservation efforts.

Meet our grantees below, organized according to their location in the basin. And view our Grants At A Glance dashboard to learn more about the groups and projects we've funded.

WRI Grants At A Glance
Lower Valley — Portland to Newberg


Mid Valley — Newberg to Albany


Upper Valley — Albany to Eugene


Outside Basin


Our future

As our initiative approaches its tenth and final year, we are winding down our grantmaking program while we work to cultivate the next phase of Willamette River investment.