Our Future

Join us as we build a future for long-term investment in Willamette Basin river health.

With nearly a decade of experience to guide us, WRI and our partners are shifting our gaze to the future. Together, we’re designing a new network to continue and expand the Willamette Basin restoration movement.

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More than nine years and thousands of acres of restoration projects have shown that sustained, strategic investment in river restoration paired with targeted action to strengthen and align the restoration field can spark unprecedented progress toward a healthier Willamette. Learn more about our community’s accomplishments.

And we’re just getting started.

As Meyer's original 10-year commitment comes to a close in 2019, we view our collective accomplishments as a launchpad for continued action. If we hope to leave future generations a Willamette River system that is swimmable, fishable and a reliable source of drinking water, we can and must secure the achievements of this initiative and our partners, while rising to meet new challenges.

That’s why we’re building a new network. We envision a strong, inclusive, flexible alliance of Willamette River stakeholders, supported by an entity that can hold a shared vision and goals, provide coordination and offer shared services to the field, while seeking increased funding on behalf of partners, advocating for actions that make a healthier river possible and championing equity within the movement for river health.

We envision an entity more community-driven than ever before —

and with a bigger, broader community to drive it.

Meyer intends to continue to be involved as a partner. Our Board of Trustees has committed $1 million in funding over four years to help launch this new organization, and an additional $1 million in grant funding to support restoration projects on the mainstem Willamette River through 2022. Meyer will also be engaged in inviting other partners and funders to join the network.

The foundation for this new network already exists.

Our dozens of partner groups work in close coordination toward common goals for the river. They are stronger, more effective and more collaborative than they were 9 years ago. They have developed and deepened partnerships with municipalities, state and federal agencies, private landowners and others with a stake in our river’s health. They have a proven track record of getting restoration done on the ground and a long list of shovel-ready projects for the future. And they are expanding their work beyond the restoration realm to consider the connections between river health and human health, community resilience, economic progress and more.

In short, they are full of momentum that demands continued investment. We are working with a team of advisors to build a network that will support their continued progress. Meet the advisory group.

We expect it to launch in early 2020. The future of our river is at stake.

Here, you can follow along and contribute as our vision for the future takes shape.


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Our planning team will use our newsletter to report back on their progress. Contact us if you’d like to help build what’s next, or if you just want to stay informed as our plans develop.

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Planning documents

Browse the documents that guide our process. We’ll add to this list as the planning process moves forward, so check back for updates.

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Frequently asked questions

Our community has been laying the foundation for this new entity for years, and we know you're curious about what we’re building. Here are a few things we know so far.

Network board & staff

Our Network board and staff members include respected leaders in river health, sustainability, Tribal sovereignty, environmental justice and youth leadership development.